• Testimonials

    "Fizzing with ideas and a strong sense of personal style, Perlmutter is an auteur to follow."
    - David Rowan, Editor, WIRED

    "Jacob's always been able to tell a story with whatever happens to be lying at his feet. Frankly, if he were deposited on some barren rock, I reckon he'd soon be crafting comic books from pebbles and ash. Whatever he does in the future, I'll be watching."
    - Alex Miller, Global Head of Content, VICE

    "Capture[s] the fantastic and the ordinary everyday events that make up life"
    - Dazed Digital

    "I was very impressed by Jacob Perlmutter's presentation of the story of 'French Exchange'. This is a narrative which goes the distance, seething with emotional and sexual subtext."
    - Stephen Jeffreys, Playwright and Screenwriter

    "I worked with Jacob on 'French Exchange' and we had a lot of fun. It was a truthful and very funny piece. It was the kind of job that left me 'wanting more'."
    - Alison Steadman, Actress

    "I have every confidence they will succeed in making [French Exchange] an exciting and provocative movie"
    - Sandy Lieberson, Producer

    "Someone so strong in his own vision, whilst naturally being of a disposition to appreciate others"
    - George MacKay, Actor

    “Jacob’s storytelling is visual and dynamic. Classic, yet original.”
    - Roger Pratt BSC, Cinematographer

    "Jacob has an artist's sensibility and a punter's sense of fun. He combines wonderful visual storytelling with sharply observed characters and sparky dialogue. No mean feat for someone so young."
    - Richard Holmes, Producer

    "Breezy pop"
    - Time Out

    "Gives a true taste of Brazil’s lively and exotic heritage"
    - Harper's Bazaar

    "Charming and nostalgic"
    - C-Heads

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    In interview with Dazed Digital

    In interview with Fault Magazine

    In interview with Top Photography Films

    In interview with Hot N' Gold


    Perlmutter has won international awards for several of his short films. He has also directed commercials for the likes of British Airways and Chivas Regal and has made over 15 music videos. He is currently working on his debut feature film.


    'Meanwhile, in Rio', Jacob Perlmutter's debut album, was recorded in 2014. The record was produced by Brazilian sensation Diogo Strausz, who transformed the basement of a mansion in Rio into a recording studio. The duo teamed up with local musicians to orchestrate the album. There are six music videos to accompany the project, several of which Perlmutter directed himself. The album and videos are available for free download from here.


    Having begun his career as a photographer, Perlmutter freelanced from a young age for the likes of NME, XL Recordings and Vice Magazine. He then went on to shoot major photoessay projects such as '88 Days', an homage to Robert Frank 50 years after 'The Americans' was first published. The series was funded by Converse and resulted in the printing of two books and a month-long solo exhibition in London's Bloomsbury. Perlmutter has since created several other photographic bodies such as 'Sweet India', 'My World, Ongoing' and 'Meanwhile, in Rio - The Photos'. He continues to shoot for brands as well as having regular exhibitions of his personal work around Europe.

    Full List of Work


    “French Exchange” (short film)
    “Dream One” (short film)
    “A Love Poem to San Francisco” - Harper’s Bazaar (short film)
    “BUGS” (short film)
    “Armstrong” (short film)
    “Blake’s Wife” - Harper’s Bazaar (short film)
    "The Balcony" (short film)

    “Letters” - Kodak (commercial)
    “Masterclass” - promo video (commercial)
    "Breathing" - NHS (commercial)
    “Into the Woods” - Twenty-8-Twelve (commercial)
    “Sign Writing” - Yes No Maybe (commercial)
    "My Flash Trash" - promo video (commercial)
    British Airways - “Best Summer Ever - Malta” (commercial)
    British Airways - “Best Summer Ever - London” (commercial)
    British Airways - “Best Summer Ever - Ibiza” (commercial)
    British Airways - “Best Summer Ever - Amsterdam” (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Cocktails” - Vine (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Bow Tie” - Vine (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Whisky Sour” - Vine (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Pocket Square” - Vine (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Competition” - Vine (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Signature Style” (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Meet The Masters” (commercial)
    Chivas Regal - “Mixing It Up” (commercial)
    Evian - “Internal video” (commercial)
    Danone - “Internal video” (commercial)
    Yes No Maybe - “Rafi Gavron parkour” (commercial)
    Akademi - various promotional videos (commercial)
    "Perfect Weather" - making of (promotional)

    Yuck - “Automatic” (music video)
    Yuck - “Southern Skies” (music video)
    Yuck - “Somewhere” (music video)
    Gabriel Bruce - “Perfect Weather” (music video)
    Gabriel Bruce - “El Musgo” (music video)
    Pull In Emergency - “In Silence” (music video)
    Lo-Fi Culture Scene - “Abstract” (music video)
    LoveLikeFire - “Boredom” (music video)
    The More Assured - “I Want Your Despair” (music video)
    The More Assured - “All In Your Head” (music video)
    Jacob Perlmutter - “We Share A Cloud” (music video)
    Jacob Perlmutter - “When You’re Alone” (music video)
    Jacob Perlmutter - “Meanwhile, in Rio” (music video)
    Jacob Perlmutter - “All A Bit Much” (music video)
    Fanzine - “L.A” (music video)
    Fanzine - “Tough” (music video)
    Gideon Conn - “Wildfire” (music video)
    Greta Bellamacina & Jacob Perlmutter - "Blue-Moon-Half-Moon Motel Blues" (music video)


    “88 Days” (photo essay)
    “The Debris of my 88 Days” (photo essay)
    “Sweet India” (photo essay)
    “My World, Ongoing” (photo essay)
    “Mindfulness” (photo essay)
    “Meanwhile, in Rio - The Photos” (photo essay)

    “Underwater” - Mushpit Magazine (fashion)
    “Untold Heroes” - Vice & Levi’s (fashion)
    Twenty-8-Twelve (fashion)
    Vantage Magazine (fashion)
    Porter Magazine (fashion)
    “Mayfair Models” - Harper’s Bazaar (fine art)
    “Make Life Beautiful” - Penguin/ Random House (book)

    “Cajun Dance Party” (album artwork)
    “Glastonbury” - NME (music)
    “NME Awards” - NME (music)
    “Reading” - NME (music)
    “Leeds” - NME (music)
    “Into the Woods” - Fault Magazine (music)
    “Secret Garden Party” - Fault Magazine (music)
    “Daughn Gibson” - Fault Magazine (music)
    “Amadou & Mariam” - Fault Magazine (music)
    “Leeds” - NME (music)
    “Bestival” - Platform Magazine (music)
    “Field Day” - NME (music)
    “Underage Festival” - NME (music)


    “Meanwhile, in Rio” (album)
    1. “All A Bit Much”
    2. “Popshield Blues”
    3. “Pavement Princess”
    4. “We Share A Cloud”
    5. “Kicking Back”
    6. “When I Die”
    7. “I Release You”
    8. “Carnival Love Song”
    9. “Until Further Notice”
    10. “Meanwhile, In Rio”/ “When You’re Alone” (hidden track)

    Miscellaneous songs:

    “Right Hand Of Love”
    “Cheque Please”
    “Look, Look At You”
    “Travelling Mantra”
    “Farmer In-Law”
    “Don’t Play Me For A Fool”
    “I Want To Put Baked Beans Under Your Eyelids”
    “My Body”
    “Shadow Of The Night”
    “Another Day, Another Foe”
    “I Hope To See You Soon”
    “Put The Gun Down”
    “Busy Falling In Love With You”
    “Lost The Way”
    “My Heart’s Reaches”
    “Way Beyond My Shoulder”
    “‘You’ Connoisseur”
    “First Day Of The Year”
    “A Bitter Kiss”
    “Ciao For Now”
    “Dot In An Apartment Block”
    “Sandrine’s Song”
    “Hallmark Sentiment”
    “Darkroom Love Song”
    “Tossing The Key To Sea”
    “Treading Water”
    “Dear Listener”
    “Go On Without Me”
    “On The Edge”
    “Melancholic Matador”
    “A Million Possibilities”
    “88 Days”
    “Never Wonder”
    “Pitter Patter”
    “Head To My Heart”
    "Let's To Mexico"
    "Mother-Daughter Shopping"
    "Our Last Joint Ascent"
    "Don't Lay The Blame On Time"
    "Pious Tobias"
    "Child Running Wild"
    "The Hot Tub"
    "River Of Salty Docks"
    "When Will I See You Again?"
    "The Start Gun"
    "Dusk Til Dawn"
    "Bournemouth Slags"
    "I Should Go"
    "Go On Without Me"
    "Just Another Muse"
    "107 Billion People"